From the Louisiana House of Representatives

House Resolution No. 145 seeks a study on the health and environmental effects of 5G technology. (Link to HR 145) 

Louisiana is the first state to call for a study. (Waking Times article)

At a National Level

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - City of Portland v. United States
Argued and Submitted, February 10, 2020, Pasadena, California
Filed August 12, 2020
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 5G lawsuit giving more weight to aesthetic authority by municipal governments. This helps with the issues of distance, safety, and preferred location. Please read the summary here: 9th Circuit

Reuters, June 21, 2019
Conservative U.S. justices draw criticism by overruling precedent again

National Association of Counties, January 15, 2019
House legislation would dismantle controversial FCC 5G order

National Association of Counties 5G Presentation, December 2018

US Congressman Peter DeFazio, 4th District, Oregon
Letter to FCC inquiring about health impacts

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