Contact the Metro Council

Our voices are being heard. Reach out to the entire Metro Council using one of the provided letter templates. See contact information for the council below.

Donate to the Legal Fund

What are we raising funds for?  To engage the legal expertise to necessary to bring about an amended EBRP 5G Cell Tower ordinance. Links to our fund information are below.

Spread the Word

Help us get the message out about the 5G taskforce! Share this website on social media and help us get this ordinance amended for the protection of neighborhoods.

Contact the Metro Council

Let your voice be heard! If you haven’t done so, please email all Council members – see email addresses below.  You can also forward to your Congressmen and state legislators. See the downloadable letters in order of execution.

Trae Welch,
Chauna Banks,
Chandler Loupe,
Scott Wilson,
Erika Green,
Donna Collins-Lewis,
Lamont Cole,
Denise Amoroso,
Dwight Hudson,
Tara Wicker,
Matt Watson,
Barbara Freiberg,

Letter Templates

Letter Templates are provided. If you would like an editable word document, please email us at and we will forward a template in a microsoft word file.

Download a sample letter from a homeowners association

Download a sample letter from an individual

Who Should Contribute?

All EBRP subdivisions and concerned homeowners.  As authorized in the current ordinance, 5G cell towers will be placed in every neighborhood in the parish – no exceptions.  The 5G cell tower initiative’s goals are to protect 1) aesthetics, 2) property values and 3) health & safety for every EBRP citizen.

Our goal is to provide an amended ordinance to the Council for their consideration with a vote on that amended ordinance in late July. The law firm, Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich, experts in eminent domain law, have counseled the task force as we have worked to understand the legal issues and develop a plan.  Many of you recognize Sheri Morris from the firm.  Currently, Daigle Fisse represents some thirty HOAs and Crime Districts.

Where to Send Funds

Subdivisions should write checks to Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich, 8480 Bluebonnet Blvd., Suite F, Baton Rouge, LA 70810.

Individuals can either write checks to the same address or contribute through our GoFundMe account.


The entire plan and budget breakdown are provided in the attached presentation. Please share this with your HOA board members and your neighbors.

Download presentation about 5G towers in Baton Rouge.

Help Us Spread the Word

We are making progress and need all neighborhoods participating. Share this website. Contact your neighborhood board. Talk to your neighbors. Send the provided letters to the metro council. Together we can make a difference.